Duluth Liquor Store: Coronavirus Not Impacting Corona Beer Sales

DULUTH, Minn – With the coronavirus spreading, the question has been asked whether it is halting sales of Corona beers?

Leadership from the company have said it has not, and it doesn’t appear to be impacting local sales either.

Despite jokes and rumors, there is no correlation between the sickness and the beer, and most people in the area don’t believe in any misinformation, according to local liquor stores.

“Usually it’s more of a seasonal purchase for people. If it’s warm out and they’re going down to the beach, they’ll buy Corona but it naturally drops off during the winter,” said Joe Rice, assistant manager at Lake Aire Bottle Shoppe.

Lake Aire Bottle Shoppe in Duluth is currently having a sale of Corona beers — 12 for $12.99.

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