Coronavirus Information Phone Line and Webpage Offered by St. Louis County

Public Health Nurses will be on hand to answer questions.

DULUTH, Minn.- Amid Coronavirus concerns spreading across the country, St. Louis County opened up an information phone line and a website for people to call or visit to get their Coronavirus concerns addressed.

Public Health nurses will be at the ready Monday through Friday, 8am-4:30pm, to answer questions people may have about COVID-19, the disease caused by the new Coronavirus. The phone number is 218-625-3600.

While there is no vaccine to prevent Coronavirus, health professionals recommend the same tips as avoiding influenza: washing your hands frequently with soap and water, staying home if you are sick, and coughing into your elbow among other precautions.

They hope the information line will quell people’s fears and direct them to credible sources of information.

“We’re hoping that it will lie a lot of fear,” said Public Health Nurse Rillis Eklund. “There’s a lot of concern and fears out there about the Coronavirus and we’re just hoping that people will get the info that they need and not worry.”

The web page directs visitors to websites for the CDC, Minnesota Department of Health, and the World Health Organization. You can find it here.

Meanwhile should the need arise, the City of Duluth’s Emergency Management Team has a pandemic plan that could be utilized in coordination with county, state and federal partners.

On a national scale, the House of Representatives passed an $8.3 billion Coronavirus response package, which will be taken up by the senate.

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