2 City Maintenance Worker Positions Cut; Duluth CAO Provides Perspective

DULUTH, Minn. – We’re learning more about two recent cuts to positions within the city of Duluth.

Mayor Emily Larson’s office said Monday the positions were maintenance workers for the fleet and parks divisions.

The two employees were making $47,096 a year.

Both were offered new jobs within the city at similar salaries — one as a janitor and the other as an assistant storekeeper.  These jobs were unfilled and already in the city’s budget, according to the mayor’s spokesperson.

Chief Administrative Officer Noah Schuchman says it wasn’t an easy decision but one that was necessary to continue to manage a budget to minimize property tax impact on residents and property owners.

“Any time you could impact city operations or peoples jobs, it’s something we work very hard to make sure doesn’t happen, and when it does, we work hard to do it in a thoughtful way that minimizes the impact to the greatest possible extent,” Schuchman said.

Schuchman also says the elimination of the two positions is not directly tied to an increase of other positions within City Hall.

He says there are multiple revenue sources and strategic planning when new positions are created, like the recent hire of a full-time sustainability officer with a salary of at least $81,000 a year.

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