Knowing Your Neighbors: Hugo’s Pizza

ASHLAND, Wis. – For more than forty years, Hugo’s has been serving up made-from-scratch pizzas in Ashland.

Owner Tim Ledin tells us some loyal customers have been stopping by the restaurant since the day it opened.

“They’ll get a great pizza at a great price,” said Ledin.

His dad opened Hugo’s in 1976.

“We follow our recipes that we’ve been using for forty years and we don’t deviate from them,” added Ledin.

The family started three well-known Ashland restaurants that are still open decades later.

“Where Frankie’s Pizza sits today, my father opened that in 1957 and he sold it to the current owners in 1962,” explained Ledin.

He says his dad was inspired by Sammy’s Pizza in Duluth and brought that same kind of taste to Ashland, a place he calls a great pizza area.

“We use these stone deck ovens,” said Ledin. “We have these three here, one in the room next door so, when it gets busy, we can really crank out a lot of pizzas at one time.”

Hugo’s serves up old-fashioned pizza on several crust options.

“We do whole wheat, we do deep dish, we do Chicago-style, and we do regular pan pizza,” listed Ledin.

People from across Northern Wisconsin stop in for classic pies and Hugo’s originals.

“We do a lot of specialty pizzas like taco pizzas, reuben pizzas, we do chicken cordon bleu,” he added.

After forty-four years in business, the restaurant is still a popular destination on Ashland’s west side.

“We must have good food because we’re not on the highway and in this day an age, without being on the highway, it’s pretty hard to survive, and we thrive,” explained Ledin.

Hugo’s delivers and has a full menu featuring burgers, sandwiches, and other entrees.

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