Local Startup Company Gives Back To Climbing Community

DULUTH, Minn. – Christian Fraser and Kelly McMohon are both avid outdoorsmen.

And in a quiet woodland neighborhood, they began making their passion come to life.

“Making leashes on our own time. So however you prefer to do that. I’ve done quiet a bit down here when I’m trying to get something done quickly or experimenting with dog toys and that type of stuff,” CragDog Co-Founder, Kelly McMohon says.

These dog leashes are made out of one-hundred percent recycled climbing rope.

“We inspect the rope. Go through it inch by inch making sure the integrity is still there. But it’s retired for some reason. Maybe there’s a big fray- there’s a big spot where a rock fell on it. Things like that,” CragDog Co-Founder, Christian Fraser says.

Companies like vertical endeavors, along with individual donors supply the rope allowing the two to take the cost of buying new rope, and give it right back.

“Out of every leash with carabiner retails at 34. So just over ten dollars goes to the climbing community,” McMohon says.

Their first individual sale came at the ice and mixed fest in Duluth last month. Now, the two haven’t looked back.

“Our first order at frost river was for about twelve. Prior to that we were selling it one by one,” McMohon says.

Both McMahon and Fraser have full time jobs and families, but soon their families will be getting bigger.

“Kelly is expecting in April and Hannah, my partner, is expecting in May so we’ve got two little ones on the way,” Fraser says.

With their expanding families, they hope their CragDog family will keep growing too.

“We’ve got a lot going on. We wanna make sure this is sustainable for us as well as people of the planet in general,” Fraser says.

“We’ve kinda seen already the effect selling and giving back 30 percent the community has had. We’ve seen the numbers. And we’d love to continue to spread the love.”

The company is in the experimental phases with dog toys.

You can find their website here: CragDog

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