NERCC Suspends Visitation To Prevent Exposure To Coronavirus

All visitation and volunteer services are suspended until further notice.

DULUTH, Minn. – The health and safety of correctional staff and inmates at the Northeastern Regional Corrections Center are becoming more of a priority as the coronavirus threat moves closer to our region.

NERCC has about 100 inmates living in their facility.

This makes it critical for the institution to find ways to help eliminate exposure to the virus.

The facility will limit all outside contact with its inmate population by suspending all public visitations.

Professional visits will now only be allowed for attorneys and health providers.

Inmate offsite transportation is being limited to court appearances or medical services.

Also, volunteer services such as bible study and parenting classes are suspended until further notice.

“We have a confined population those individuals can’t leave. we have every responsibility to ensure their health, safety, and well being while they are in our care and custody,” said Division Director Phillip Greer.

Lake Superior College’s Inside Out program, which allows students and staff to spend time in the facility for learning purposes, will not take place until visitation returns.

Although, inmates will be given more phone and texting privileges to still allow some form of communication.

Currently, NERCC medical team is establishing intake and isolation protocols to help prevent further exposure.

At this time there is no date set when the suspension of visitation and services will be lifted.

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