Duluth Restaurants Take Precautions Against COVID-19

As restaurants close across the country, restaurants here try their best to stay open.

DULUTH, Minn.- The President of the Duluth Local Restaurant Association is commenting on how some restaurants in the city are coping with the impacts of people taking precautions and staying home because of the Coronavirus.

Currently, all bars and restaurants in Illinois, Ohio, California and Massachusetts have been ordered by their Governors to close to slow the community spread of the virus.

Association President Tony Bronson, who is also the Director of Business Development at Grandma’s Restaurant Company, said so far he hasn’t seen too many restaurants get a decline in business, but some groups have cancelled their reservations.

He said while staying open, the establishments are doing everything they can to make themselves safe, and keep their employees working.

Right now when we’re seating people we’re trying to make sure we’re observing some social distancing when possible. We’ve cleared all of our tables of anything that used to be on there,” Bronson said. “We make sure that we disinfect it with a special new product that actually kills the COVID-19 virus. And so we’re trying to be as responsible as we can while we’re still open.”

Closing would be difficult from a business standpoint, Bronson said. But if they had to in order to keep people safe, he said restaurant owners would.

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