Duluth International Increases Santization for Passengers Coming Through

Officials say depending on numbers, a processing/screening center could be a possibility.

DULUTH, Minn.- The Duluth International Airport is also taking measures to keep its facilities safe, as Coronavirus spreads nationwide.

Airport officials said that traffic through the airport has dropped a bit recently, though a steady flow of passengers are still coming through.

While there are no plans to quarantine or screen passengers or even airline staff as they come from busier airports like O’Hare in Chicago, those plans are not off the table.

“It might get to a point where we may have a processing center or screening center but that has not been established or determined yet at this time,” Communications and Marketing Director Natalie Peterson said.

“By Friday this could look really different, y’know we just don’t know. As of last week we never would have expected some of the things that have occurred.”

Airport staff has taken many sanitization measures including cleaning several times throughout the day, keeping masks and other supplies on-hand, and putting up precaution posters from the CDC as soon as tomorrow.

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