KYN: 6th Street Market Set To Close

ASHLAND, Wis. – “It’s just a nice, warm family run business.”

Come April 1, their corner store will be closing. Once customers found out, they came running.

“That first I’d say 14 days was like a panic city for everyone to come in and make sure that they were going to get some of our product. So it kind of cleaned us out at first and we’re slowly trying to keep up with the demand for a few more weeks,” 6th Street Market Owner, Linda Pearson says.

Known for their smoked meats, Linda and her husband have been running the business for 36 years. To them, the people entering their store were more than just customers.

“Recipes were shared. Just the people who would come in and visit. Sometimes people would stand in that front isle for an hour, hour and a half just visiting,” Pearson says.

For these store owners, they have a simple message for a community that welcomed them with open arms 36 years ago.

“I would say thank you. I know that word is used and used and used and overused. But, my heart goes out to all these people that called, stopped in, sent cards. I mean, it was overwhelming. I had a couple of people in tears. Can you imagine how that makes a person feel to realize that you made that kind of impact to someone,” Pearson says.

Linda and her husband plan on relaxing, traveling and just spending more time with their grandkids.

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