Great Outdoors: Northlanders Enjoy The Sun

DULUTH, Minn. –  “Spend a couple days up here in Duluth and enjoy the surrounding area,” Champlin Resident, Jared Galligan says.

That’s just what Jared Galligan and his family were able to do for a weekend while his children are on spring break.

“They love this area. They always loving climbing on the rocks. Swimming at the hotel pools,” Galligan says.

And while some people like to enjoy the sites and sounds of the Northland, others do it for the exercise.

“I try to get like 7,000 steps on my fitbit,” Duluth Resident, Trilby Busch says.

Trilby Busch and her dog Vego are out rain or shine.

“Vego and I go out everyday. We were here yesterday. We’ve been here in blizzards. He likes to get out and I like to get out,” Busch says.

Whatever gets you outdoors, there’s always something to appreciate in the Northland.

“Well, the lake. And also all the beautiful city. It’s just a really lovely place to live,” Busch says.

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