Customers Pack Local Gun Stores, Stock Up on Ammunition

Superior Shooters Supply is now limiting ammunition purchases. Customers can only buy 100 rounds at a time.

SUPERIOR, Wis. – People are packing local gun stores to stock up on ammunition amid the coronavirus outbreak.

In the last couple weeks, handgun ammunition sales have tripled at Superior Shooters Supply on Winter Street.

The sales rush started with 9mm rounds and has expanded to all kinds of ammunition store-wide. People have recently started buying up handguns too.

Owner Patricia Kukull tells us customers are afraid they will soon not be able to buy these products. She’s surprised to see what she calls ‘panic buying’ happening in her store.

“We appreciate the business, it’s not that we don’t appreciate it, but we like to take care of our customers better,” explained Kukull. “We like to have a full line of product for them and we don’t.”

The store is now limiting ammunition purchases. Customers can only buy up to 100 rounds at a time.

Kukull tells us it’s more difficult for the store to get guns and ammunition from suppliers. Many of them are based in China and Italy where the coronavirus pandemic has had major economic impacts.

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