Flying During the Coronavirus

The coronavirus outbreak has slowed down travel all over the world, but that doesn't mean everyone has stopped flying.

DULUTH, Minn. – The coronavirus outbreak has slowed down travel all over the world, but that doesn’t mean everyone has stopped flying.

Flyers we spoke with are traveling on planes with many more open seats, and they are taking precautions as much as possible.

The seating areas are sparse at the Duluth International Airport. People are not sitting next to each other. Flyers are on their phones and reading books while waiting for their flights to board. One Duluth resident is on his way to Raleigh, and says it’s all about being wise.

“Well, I was just planning all along to get back to be with my fiancée down in North Carolina and not gonna let this stop me,” said Abe Mach, a flyer taking a layover in Chicago, IL.  Just being wise about how I handle myself and travel and just have faith.”

Flyers are experiencing cheaper prices as the demand is not very high for the seats. Another traveler had a check-up with her doctor before visiting her daughter and grandchildren in Louisiana.

“I’ve just seen the doctor before I came so I know that my health checks out, which I probably wouldn’t have done that beforehand,” said Tammy Youngman, another flyer. “Yeah, I guess I did some extras. It’s wise to know that everything is going to be good before I leave.”

The United States has banned entry of all foreign nationals who have traveled to countries like China, Iran and Italy.

Airlines like Delta have experienced a significant decline in revenue. Specifically in the month of March, Delta’s revenue alone has seen a decrease of 2 billion dollars over the last year.

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