Wisconsin Updates Childcare Regulations Over Coronavirus

SUPERIOR, Wis.– On Wednesday Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers announced new regulations for childcare centers around the state, but now some of them have changed to help out parents and daycares.

A change in policy from the state is a sigh of relief for childcare centers like New Horizons Children’s Center in Superior.

Yesterday afternoon, owner Cindy Fennessey was told by the state of Wisconsin to reduce the number kids at her center from about 70 down to 50 and to reduce the number of staff on hand.

A handful of hours later, state officials made an adjustment. They said childcare centers can have more kids as long as there are separate rooms and bathrooms.

Kids in different groups are also never allowed to be with kids from the other group. This sudden change means that new horizons can double the amount of kids and staff. One section has 50 kids with eight staff members and the other has around 15 kids with a couple staff members watching them.

“We’ve been able to take more of our school age kids today now,” said Cindy Fennessey, Owner of New Horizons Children’s Center. “It’s just a relief to be able to service all my families that need the care.”

As part of the new regulations, children aren’t the only ones unable to cross that line. Staff is also only allowed to be with the same group. This reduces the amount of person to person contact for everyone at childcare centers.

Another part of the state’s regulations is that spots need to be open for kids whose parents have essential jobs.

New Horizons says they are still waiting to hear from the state to what jobs fall into the essential jobs category.

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