Cardinals’ Shaily Hakamaki Still Preparing for Potential Spring Sports Season

After her basketball season came to an abrupt end during the state tournament, senior Shaily Hakamaki is hoping the track season doesn't get canceled.

CROMWELL, Minn. – Like most teams across the country, the Cromwell-Wright girls basketball team saw its season come to an abrupt end last week during the state tournament. But now, with the spring sports season still a possibility, senior Shaily Hakamaki is hoping for a happier ending to her high school career.

“We came back to the hotel and got the news that we weren’t going to be able to play and the whole state tournament was canceled. It was a heartbreaking moment,” Hakamaki said of finding out the state tournament was canceled.

The Cardinals were just hours away from their Class A semifinal game when their season was canceled.

“All of us were ready, we had just prepared for the team that we were going to play that morning. I kept telling myself that it’s not over, there’s other things to look on in life besides high school basketball,” Hakamaki said.

Hakamaki is also a distance runner and competes in long and triple jump for the Cromwell-Wright track team. The MSHSL currently has put a pause on the spring sports season, so she’s training on her own.

“I’ve been in the weight room a lot, I’ve been doing a lot of jump rope for the jumping aspect of it. We’ve gathered a few friends and we told each other we’d go practice and run and meet up if we can. Just little groups because we want to keep everybody healthy. It’s not just about us, we have to think about others too who that can affect,” Hakamaki said.

Hakamaki has qualified for the state track meet the past four seasons, and she’s hoping for one more go this season.

“There’s a lot of kids out there who want to keep pushing and running because we all like it and we hope that there’s a state track meet and if there is, we want to push forward to that. There’s a few of us who actually have a chance to make state and placing at state,” Hakamaki added.

And while there’s so much unknown about the next few months, the Cardinals are preparing for anything.

“It’s not like canceled yet, we’re just pushing forward to it just hoping that it won’t be. We’re striving to do our best and stay positive about it all. We can’t take anything for granted because it’s so unexpected what’s to come next,” Hakamaki said.

After her main season ended abruptly, Hakamaki is hoping to get the chance at her spring sports season, before she wraps up her high school career.

“A last chance would be good because we couldn’t do it in basketball. Since basketball made us so disapointed, we want another chance at something so amazing,” Hakamaki added.

As of now, the spring sports limitations are in effect through April 6.

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