Former Spartan Jessica Lindstrom Returns Home After Belgium Pro Basketball League Cancels Season

Last month, the corona virus made its way into the country, forcing Lindstrom to start planning a way to get back home.

SUPERIOR, Wis. – Last summer, former Superior basketball star Jessica Lindstrom continued her pro career as she signed with a team in Belgium. But last month, the corona virus made its way into the country, forcing Lindstrom to start planning a way to get back home.

“It was really prominent when Italy got really bad because they’re so close to us. They’re just a little bit south. They were nervous. Obviously it was inevitable that it starts migrating up towards where I was,” Lindstrom said.

Lindstrom says the first clue her team got was when they were expecting several youth basketball teams to show up for one of their games.

“There was supposed to be a huge turnout and all this stuff. But it ended up being about half the kids that we supposed to be there. And we were all like, ‘what’s going on? where is there no one here?’ And they were just explaining that some kids’ moms are making them stay at home. People were taking precautions way before it even got into our country,” said Lindstrom.

Early last week, the league suspended all games as they looked to evaluate the situation. And this past Monday, the team had a meeting with the team president.

“He told us, Americans especially, have to get out because if we are to stay any longer, we were stuck there indefinitely. Four to eight weeks minimum is what they do when they lockdown. That’s four to eight weeks I would’ve been there and can’t practice, can’t go to gyms. All the public things are closed,” Lindstrom said.

So Lindstrom booked a flight out of Belgium and despite popular belief, she had no troubles.

“It was a breeze. It was so easy. It took five minutes for the health screening and customs was maybe five minutes. There was no waiting. You just went right through,” said Lindstrom.

And of course, she self-quarantined as soon as she got back to Superior.

“To be cautious and for everybody else. Obviously, if for some reason symptoms don’t really show for me or something like that, I don’t want to get anybody else sick,” Lindstrom said.

And as for being stuck at home, Lindstrom says she’ll enjoy spending more time with loved ones and not be pessimistic about the situation.

“I think there’s some bright sides to it. I think everyone’s going to be bored for a little bit. But when you’re bored, you find a lot of things that you didn’t know you were good at or you find things to do that maybe you didn’t know you enjoyed. I think it will be OK,” said Lindstrom.

Lindstrom is still hoping to go back to Belgium as she signed another contract for next season, which will hopefully begin in August.

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