Arnold’s Roadside Cafe Offers Free Curbside Breakfasts to Those In Need

Restaurant closed, but still wanted to give their fresh food to community members.

HERMANTOWN, Minn.- A family-run restaurant in Hermantown is spreading the love, and some help, with a free hot breakfast.

Arnold’s Roadside Cafe on Highway 2 offered free curbside breakfast to children, the elderly, and anyone in need of a meal.

Since Governor Walz’s Executive Order this past Monday, the restaurant decided to close.

But on Saturday they still had 40 lbs of fresh hashbrowns, 40 lbs of bacon, and 6 cases of eggs to go through.

Staff said they’re happy to give back to the customers who have helped them the past year they’ve been open.

“We know that they were doing it through the schools, Monday through Friday, but we thought they’re not doing it on the weekend and children and seniors still need to eat,” said Barb Whitney, mother of the restaurant’s owner. “So we thought today would be a good day for us to do this.”

It was also a day for their regular customers to reconnect with the staff and the food they love. Many were sad to see it close.

“It broke my heart, it breaks my heart.”

Kathy Reesburg said she was happy to come and leave them a tip for the meal, because that’s how close-knit the community is.

“Y’know, this is a community. This what really is happening in small town USA. We’re all joining together, we’re all doing this together. And we’re going to come out of it stronger.”

Restaurant owners said they plan to offer curbside meals again next Saturday.