John Shuster Family Self-Quarantined as Wife Awaits Coronavirus Test Results

SUPERIOR, Wis. – Curling Olympic gold medalist and Chisholm native John Shuster, 37, is self-quarantined with his family in Superior while his wife, Sara, awaits test results to see if she is positive for the COVID-19 strain of coronavirus.

This comes after she competed in the USA Curling Club Nationals in the Washington, D.C. area in early March before government restrictions came out and before sporting events were canceled.

“Major, major back pain several days after getting home and then started hearing reports of people that tested positive for coronavirus,” explained Sara Shuster, 34, of Superior.

Sara says her symptoms, which included shortness of breath and no sense of smell and taste, happened just days after returning to the Northland.

She said none of her competitors showed symptoms at Nationals. But when everyone returned home, roughly half of the 80 or so who attended got sick with similar symptoms, and more than 15 competitors were confirmed positive for the virus Sunday, according to Sara.

“It was a pretty close-knit group. We were in a small space, so and we were using the same rocks,” Sara said. “It’s scary to see how fast it could spread and how contagious it is and we were in a group of athletes, right, so a lot of us are young, health individuals.”

Sara says she is about half way through isolation and that her competitors who got sick are all on the mend at this point.

Meanwhile, John told FOX 21’s Dan Hanger on Sunday that his family hasn’t left the house since Sara returned from D.C. and they aren’t leaving the house until they know everyone is clear of any type of sickness, especially if Sara’s test is confirmed positive. He hopes others will do the same.

“I think a lot of us in the Northland feel like we definitely have some insulation from the rest of the world that, OK, it’s not hear yet, it’s not around. But all it would take is for somebody to travel and be among a bunch of people who like Sara had that while they were all there not a single person had a symptom that they know of and came home and the symptoms obviously showed up,” John said.

Sara, by the way, was able to get tested quickly because she works in the healthcare industry as a local pharmacist.  The rest of the family does not qualify right now for an immediate test.

Below is Sara’s Facebook post about her situation:

Here’s the text from the post if you don’t have Facebook:

I feel obligated to share my potential Covid-19 case. I think it’s important for people that are still running around to know this…. I got back from Washington D.C. one week ago. My 4th night home, I started experiencing excruciating back pain. It felt like back labor, no joke. I got very short of breath when walking up the stairs. I even had to cut a shower short because I couldn’t breath well without laying down. When laying down, I felt great. When walking around, I needed breaks. I’ve had no sense of smell or taste. I have not had a fever and only a minor cough. As it turns out, there are almost 20 confirmed curlers from the club nationals to have Covid-19. There are just as many who are awaiting test results or cannot get tested. Because I am a healthcare worker, I was able to get a test. Same with my teammate. We were tested on Wednesday and told that our samples were just about to be sent out TODAY and then it would be another few days. I’ve heard rumors about samples being frozen in MN because testing is so far behind. I’ve heard that the majority of cases reported as “tested” have not resulted yet. Most people that want a test are not able to get one because their symptoms are not severe enough. I’m not blaming the healthcare system. I’m encouraging you all to think about the impact lack of testing/reporting can have on providing us with a false sense of security that “it’s not here yet”. It’s here. And we all need to be careful about the way we think. Instead of assuming everyone has it. You need to assume that YOU have it. Then do what you can to get rid of it on your own for the recommended time and keep others safe. This does not show up right away and it manifests differently in everyone. Many of the curlers are experiencing the same symptoms as me. Some more severe, some less. I am currently on a 14 day lockdown with my husband and children. Nobody in or out. Minor coughs but nothing seeming to affect them too much so far. This virus is going to take the lives of people in this community that we love. Please do your part to take this seriously. Stay home, support local businesses, check on your neighbors and friends. Thank you to my neighbors, family, and friends that have offered to pick us up things and leave them on our doorstep.

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