Superior Family Restaurant Receives Donations to Continue Giving Free Meals

Enbridge and an anonymous donor both gave to their cause.

SUPERIOR, Wis.- Superior Family Restaurant, who started offering free meals to those in need last week, just received some help form other community organizations.

Enbridge has paid for 300 meals to be given out. The Restaurant also received a $100 donation from an anonymous donor.

In a Facebook post the Restaurant said the donations will help ensure they are able to give free meals for a while longer.

This week’s offers include a breakfast of eggs, hashbrowns, sausage and toast from 9am-1pm, followed by a lunch of chicken dumpling soup and salad from 11-1.

They are not limited to children or elderly, but staff ask that people not take advantage of the service. The Restaurant is still open for regular takeout purchase from 9-1.

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