A Local Fabric Shop Works With The Community To Make Fabric Masks For Healthcare Workers

Hundreds of masks have been donated to local hospitals and nursing facilities.

DULUTH, Minn. – Face masks are an essential item for healthcare workers across the globe.

As the shortage of masks impacts the Northland, a community effort to create fabric masks is one way to help minimize the need.

Janet Anelli, owner of Hannah Johnson’s Fabrics in Duluth, was prepared to close up the shop and work from home like the rest of the Northland.

Before that could happen a customer reached out to her to find out if she had heard about quilters making fabric face masks for hospitals and other health care settings around the nation.

“It thought it wasn’t going to work,” said Anelli. “I called the hospitals and they were interested in us doing that.”

Many health care settings in the Northland and around the country are running out of the medical grade version typically used.

Almost instantly the community came together to help make the masks as soon as Hannah Johnson’s Fabrics signed on to coordinate the drive.

“They are worried about people working in hospitals. They are worried about people in nursing homes. This is going far and wide,” said Anelli.

Not only is this opportunity relieving some worry for the workers, it is also giving people a chance to stay occupied during the pandemic.

“I have the time. I’m at home anyway and its something I can do. It’s all I can do.” said Denette Lynch. “I can only imagine that it’s making them feel appreciated that the community is stepping forward and trying to help them in any way.”

Hannah Johnson’s Fabrics is giving out free patterns for anyone looking to make masks.

Any fabric used must be washed before and after the sewing process to keep them clean as possible for use.

All the masks collected will be distributed between Essentia hospital and local nursing facilities.

The fabric masks themselves may not be protecting workers from the Coronavirus or any other illness.

But they will be used as a shield for the N95 medical masks to help minimize the shortage as healthcare facilities are only giving out a limited amount to each worker.

Face masks can be dropped off at Hannah Johnson’s Fabrics Monday through Saturday.

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