Boy Roasts Mom in Hilarious Journal Entry on First Day of Homeschooling: ‘It is Not Going Good’


(courtesy: Candice Hunter Kennedy)

VERONA, Ky. (FOX 5 DC) – Leave it to kids to be brutally honest about their experiences– especially if it’s about their parents.

Like 8-year-old Ben from Verona, Kentucky who wrote a hilariously honest journal entry about his first day of homeschooling with his mom.

In a viral Facebook post by Candice Hunter Kennedy, she shared a snapshot of her son’s entry with the caption:

“Y’all I’m dying!!! This is Ben’s journal entry from Monday about our first “homed school” day. That last sentence.”

Ben’s entry read:

“It is not going good. My moms getting stressed out. My mom is really getting confused. We took a break so my mom can figure this stuff out. I’m telling you it is not going good.”

The Facebook post has been shared over 289,000 times and has a slew of comments from parents who sympathize with Candice.

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