Superior Restaurant Offering Bulk Grocery Delivery

KD's restaurant has switched their business model during the coronavirus shutdown

SUPERIOR, Wis. – Restaurants everywhere have switched their business over to carry-out and delivery. Now, one Superior business is delivering grocery products to its customers.

KD’s Restaurant has seen a big decline in business since dining is no longer allowed.

Now, they’re selling and delivering customers the bulk products they get directly from suppliers.

The owner tells us the new business model has been going remarkably well the last few days.

“They can buy just about everything,” said co-owner Lawrence Poster. “Our main feature item is hamburger. I’ve got ten pound tubes. I ordered 1,200 pounds just the other day. So we’re doing that for $35. That’s about $3.50 a pound.”

The owners say customers like bulk delivery so much they’ve been asking the restaurant to keep the service available even after they open back up to the public.

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