UMD Professor Stresses Importance of Long Clinical Trials for Any Potential COVID-19 Drugs

Without long trials before testing on humans, severe harm can arise.

DULUTH, Minn.- With discussions around the country about a potential vaccine or drug being developed to treat COVID-19, local experts are speaking out about the reality of treating the virus so soon.

While President Trump has touched on different drugs that scientists have said might be helpful in fighting Coronavirus, UMD Applied Human Sciences Professor Jessica Hanson said testing them on humans so quickly carries a great risk of harming the individuals.

Any drugs or vaccines, she added, have to go through extensive clinical trials before even being tested on humans.

“Everyone is very anxious for treatment, for a cure, for prevention. I think where the frustration might be is that it takes awhile to have an efficacious type of treatment,” Hanson said. “There’s different phases that a clinical trial has to go through.”

In the meantime, Professor Hanson added that social distancing is proven to work, due to the amount of people who have the virus and can transfer it to others without knowing.

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