Cloquet Businesses Prepare For “Stay-at-Home” Order

CLOQUET, Minn. – Gordy’s Hi-Hat, a popular restaurant in the Northland still plans on being open during the order all while celebrating their 60th year.

The owners, Gordy and Marilyn, are currently healthy and quarantining down in Florida.

Although an opening date isn’t set in stone, Gordy’s is expected to welcome curbside customers in early April.

With forty percent of their daily orders being takeout, management says they aren’t worried about be customers not being able to eat in their restaurant.

“I think people are just really looking for a little optimism and a little taste of spring. It seems like every day is kind of standing still right now. I think people are just really looking for something to look forward to whether that’s us or just some warm weather or to be able to sit outside and have a burger and a shake,” Gordy’s Grandson, Sever Lundquist says.

Meanwhile, some businesses are anticipating to get hit harder by the shutdown.

One of those being Bergquist’s which specializes in Scandinavian Imports.

Owners have been forced to lay off their workers until their business can reopen.

Until then, they are organizing while still trying to get orders out to people who want them.

“We’re just catching up on things that we’ve let slip for awhile and monitoring the situation to see how are customers are doing and see if there’s any way we can help them through this difficult time,” Bergquist’s Imports Owner, Barry Bergquist says.

Bergquist tells us that although they have not had any curbside orders yet, their wholesale business has been fulfilling online orders.

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