Duluth Fire Department Sees Changes Due to Coronavirus

DULUTH, Minn.– While cases of Coronavirus keep going up, essential services like the Duluth Fire Department are still busy. The pandemic has caused some changes in how they operate to best serve the people of Duluth.

The Coronavirus means changes for the Duluth Fire Department. While its has been a little more busy than normal, firefighters say they are still ready to keep Duluth safe.

The department is bracing for the Coronavirus situation in Duluth to ramp-up but they say they are prepared to deal with the pandemic.

“Firefighters are pretty resilient and healthcare workers are pretty resilient. They know what’s coming,” said Assistant Fire Chief Brett Consie. “You just overcome them and you think two steps ahead as best you can.”

The DFD is advising firefighters to shelter-in-place outside of work and to practice strict social distancing to keep themselves healthy.

So far, the number of calls has stayed close to normal. The number of slip-and-fall calls has gone down and the number of calls related to the flu has gone up.

The fire department is encouraging those who do have flu related symptoms to call St. Luke’s or Essentia Health’s triage hotlines for more information.

The Duluth Fire Department is advising everyone to look at state health websites and practice social distancing.

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