MSHSL Optimistic About High School Spring Sports Season

The discussion in the league is about possibly delaying or even narrowing the postseason to create a longer regular season.

DULUTH, Minn. – Wednesday, the MSHSL announced that the spring sports season will continue to be postponed as long as schools are closed. Governor Tim Walz pushed his school closure declaration to May 4th and the league continues to be in lockstep with how the state government decides when it’s safe for students to go back to school. League executive director Erich Martens spoke about what the plan is moving forward.

“One thing that’s important to remind people of on a regular basis is that the state high school league is an education-based entity. We’re reliant on what happens within our schools. And if they’re unable to bring students together, it would not be appropriate to be asking to bring students together for activities,” Martens said.

Martens added that the tone of the feedback recently has changed since the cancellations began with the basketball championship games a few weeks ago.

“The messages that we continue to hear are now at this time ‘thank you so much for being patient, waiting it out and continue to think about other opportunities that might be there,” said Martens.

As for spring sports, the discussion is about possibly delaying or even narrowing the postseason to create a longer regular season.

“We’re going to be looking at those opportunities because we have to remember that when it comes to the state tournament, that’s really about 10 to 15% of our participants, where our regular season is everybody,” Martens said.

With the prospect of starting the season on may 4th, the league will also take practice into consideration, which is currently set at ten sessions before teams can play actual games.

“We’re going to be engaging with our sports medicine advisory to say if we have students that have been training off-site and are feeling like we’re ready to go, can we narrow that amount of time that they would have to practice prior to coming together for competition,” said Martens.

Martens added this final message to teams and players who are still training in hopes that a spring sports season does end up taking place.

“We appreciate the position that our activities are held within communities, within schools and certainly within family lives. We don’t ever take that for granted. As I would tell my own children, continue to work at your game. Be as good as you can be. Be the best person you can be. And in these challenging times, do what you can to support community health and keeping everybody safe because that’s most important. Turning that around quickly is going to help all of us get back to what’s normal sooner,” Martens said.

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