Non-Essential Businesses Speak On Closures As A Request From Governor Walz

"Well like everyone I'm very sad, scared, and everything is uncertain," said owner of Blue Heron Trading Company Jane Jenkins.

DULUTH, Minn. – The Dewitt-Seitz building in Canal Park is known to be the home for a variety of businesses like gift shops and restaurants.

On a typical day, it’s flooded with locals and tourists but as the pandemic continues, the once lively building is now like a ghost town.

Many non-essential businesses in Dewitt-Seitz have already stopped operating as a precaution.

Unfortunately, those still holding on will have to call it quits now that Governor Walz is calling for non-essential businesses to close by Saturday.

Blue Heron Trading Company, which is known for its selection of housewares, has been in Dewitt-Seitz for the last 35 years.

Rather than celebrating its anniversary, the Blue Heron will have to end operations until Governor Walz clears them to open again.

“Well like everyone I’m very sad, scared, and everything is uncertain,” said Owner Jane Jenkins.

Another long time business in Dewitt-Seitz is also feeling the same pain.

Tucked away on the third floor is the Christian Eggert Violin shop.

Last week, the owner had to lay off two of his employees at his second shop in Fargo, North Dakota.

He is now unsure what the future may hold as the coronavirus pandemic continues to unfold.

“If we are not open money is not coming in essentially. We do have rentals and those come through automatically but I have had a few customers that have said they can’t pay for their rental.”

With the timing of the pandemic still uncertain, these business owners still remain optimistic about a comeback in the future.

Governor Walz is requesting all non-essential businesses remain closed until April 10th.

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