B&B Market Donates Groceries to People in Need

CLOQUET, Minn. – It all started on Tuesday when a State Farm employee in Cloquet donated one-hundred pounds of ground beef to the local B&B market.

“And the ball just started rolling. We’ve had just people come in and donating,” B&B Market Owner, John Lind says.

After the market posted a push for donations on Facebook, hundreds of dollars worth came flowing in from all over the city allowing people facing tough times to get groceries for free.

“We give them a gift certificate to shop inside the store. That way they can get whatever they need,” Lind says.

The amount of the gift certificates is based on family size and people can only spend the money on groceries that same day.

“The essentials like bread, milk, eggs, hamburger, bacon. Stuff like that. They cane come in, we can help them out as much as we can,” Lind says.

After 32 years in business, Lind and his wife see this as another opportunity to support the people who have kept them going all that time.

“That’s just who we are and what we do. There’s just a lot of great people stepping up to the plate and donating to help people who are in rougher times right now,” Lind says.

And for some families, these gift certificates are a big help for them to get by.

“It helps out a lot. I mean, I have three small children and being cooped up in this little quarantine is stressful. Man, kids can eat,” Cloquet Resident, Melissa Brenny says.

Local Businesses like Carmen’s Restaurant have helped donate to the market even after having to limit their services to curbside orders.

“It was time for us to give back as well. Trying to help out the community. Some people are in more need then others and we’re looking to help out any way we can. So we thought this was a great program and a great time to step up and help each other out,” Carmen’s Restaurant Co-Owner, Ryan Lindstrom says.

And with all the looming uncertainty the only thing certain is that members of our respective communities still have a chance to be good to one another.

“No one’s really been though this before. So when you can see small community come together and help each other out and just donate and look to give to the greater good. If you’ve got enough for yourself and you’re looking to help out your neighbor that’s a great thing and it shows in this little community and it makes your proud to be a part of Cloquet,” Lindstrom says.

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