Local Businesses Team Up to Donate Meals to St. Luke’s Employees

The group dropped off more than fifty meals.

DULUTH, Minn. – A few local businesses in Duluth are working together to give back during this global pandemic.

The owner of the Rambler and Mid Coast Catering has teamed up with the owner of Yellow Bike Coffee in Duluth to form the group called “Lookout for the Helpers”.

Their mission is to remember those serving on the front lines during this ongoing pandemic.

The group dropped off More than fifty meals at St. Luke’s to feed employees.

This is the second round of donations “Lookout for the Helpers” has provided for the hospital.

Earlier this week, they brought boxed lunches for emergency health workers, who are working so hard to help fight the pandemic.

“These little moments, it just shows how much the community cares. We’re all going through this together,” said Development Associate Meagan Avery. “We’re all practicing social distancing and isolating ourselves, so these little touches and moments are incredibly meaningful.”

One of the business owners says this is a way to show their love and thanks for all the workers during this tough time.

“With people who are working in the medical industry, right now they’re going to be working a lot of hours. It’s going to be a scary situation for them,” said Owner of The Rambler and Mid Coast Catering Jonathan Reznick. “I think it makes sense for us to thank them and show that people are thinking about them.

This round of meals is going to those who help keep the hospital going like security workers and facility assistants.

The group will be dropping off more meals for hospital workers at St. Luke’s and Essentia next week.

Any other businesses interested in donating to healthcare workers can reach out the St. Luke’s foundation by calling 218-249-5249 or email Foundation@slhduluth.com.

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