Self-Isolation Isn’t Slowing Down Salo’s Showcase

With everyone stuck at home, Luke Salo has found a way to train his athletes from afar.

SAGINAW, Minn. – Luke Salo is one of the top basketball trainers in the Northland.

“I had knee surgery, ACL surgery, miniscus surgery. I had shoulder surgery. I kind of had to find ways to keep the game in my life, other than just playing all the time,” Salo said.

He currently trains nearly 50 local players for his program: Salo’s Showcase.

“It was just word-of-mouth. That started spreading and it just went crazy. That person would tell somebody, and then they would tell somebody and my phone would start blowing up,” said Salo.

And with everyone stuck at home, he’s found a way to train his athletes from afar.

“Just kind of sat down and thought about how I can really do this. I think a lot of it was that I drove by here heading back to my hometown and I see my old court. The light bulb turned on. I can find a way to keep training going there. I do all my training now through videos. I record videos of me doing workouts and drills and send them out to the players,” Salo said.

The athletes film themselves doing those drills for a chance to score some great feedback.

“They’re in their driveway. They’re in their living room. Some of them are even in their kitchen doing dribbling drills. It’s super cool to see. I think that they’re really enjoying this kind of different way of training while we’re going through this COVID-19 pandemic,” said Salo.

Salo says now more than ever, he tries to make time to help out the athletes.

“I always say this to my players. You lose habits a lot quicker than you gain them. You might think it’s just a week off. But that week can be a big difference. It’s really important to stay with the game and I think the fundamentals are the biggest thing. This is a great opportunity to see that,” Salo said.

For more information, head to the Salo’s Showcase Facebook page.

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