Five New COVID-19 Cases in St. Louis County Confirmed in One Day

Unlike the past five cases, the way these individuals were infected is not known at this time.

DULUTH, Minn.- St. Louis County saw a jump in COVID-19 cases over the weekend. Five new presumptive cases were confirmed, doubling the total number of cases to 10 in the county, in just one day.

The newest cases include a woman in her early 60s who is being hospitalized for treatment–the first case severe enough to require hospitalization in the county.

The other two men and women diagnosed are recovering at home, but what’s different about those last four is that they are all in their 20s and 30s.

This, experts said, illustrate that while the older population is at higher risk, the virus can infect anyone, and should be taken seriously.

“We do know that everybody is susceptible to COVID-19 so we want, don’t want to assume that we’re only going to see illness in individuals who are at higher risk,” said Amy Westbrook, Director of St. Louis County’s Public Health Division. “It can affect across the age span.”

Right now, it’s not known if the five new cases are travel-related or come from community spread, however one of the new cases is linked to an earlier confirmed case.

According to health leaders, the virus is not confined to rural or urban settings, confirmed cases are popping up everywhere.

The five new cases bring the total number of cases in Minnesota to 503, with 75 requiring hospitalization, and nine deaths. Meanwhile in Wisconsin there are 1,112 cases

They continue to assume there are more cases than what is confirmed due to limited testing, and people who have the virus but are asymptomatic.

As more information is released, it could confirm community spread in the county. Although officials reiterate that everyone is better off taking precautions and limiting going out in public, as if the virus really is spreading in their own communities.

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