Thousands Without Power After Spring Storm

DULUTH, Minn.– An overnight March storm ripped through the Northland, bringing a mix of rain, snow, and flooding.


One of the four pine trees on Brighton Beach, completely ripped from the ground.

The added moisture on an already soggy ground uprooted four large pine trees on Brighton Beach. Meanwhile large waves battered the shore.

Minnesota Power has been preparing to deal with widespread power outages for the last couple days due to severe weather forecasts. And Sunday it put that plan into action.

Wet and heavy snow from the weekend storm caused nearly 6,000 Minnesota Power residents to lose power Sunday morning.

“We are aware of a lot of what’s out there. And we’re trying our quickest to get there,” said Tim Laeupple, Manager of Line Operations for Minnesota Power.

Crews were out all day Sunday trying to restore power. The number of power outages has been cut down to around 1,000 as of Sunday evening. But that number can change with more snow melting off branches that hit the power lines which can cause more outages.

Minnesota power knows how important it is for everyone to get the lights back on during the Coronavirus pandemic.

“We really appreciate our customers being patient throughout this process,” said Laeupple. “We know it gets long and electricity is one of the most precious commodities, especially now with everyone at home. We are working our hardest to get out there and get the lights on as quick as possible.”

Because of the Coronavirus, extra precautions are being taken. Crews are driving to sites in separate vehicles and trucks are sanitized between each employee using them.

Minnesota Power says they are expecting to get almost all of their customer’s power back on. Crews will finish what’s left on Monday morning.

And over on the range, Lake Country Power says over 6,000 of their customers are also without power. Crews worked Sunday and will be back out on Monday.

Minnesota Power is also advising their customers to use their app for more information on outages and when crews will be there to fix them.

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