Knowing Your Neighbors: U-Roast-Em

SOLON SPRINGS, Wis. – U-Roast-Em sells more than forty kinds of green coffee beans sourced from growers and suppliers around the world.

The company ships them to customers who roast their own coffee.

“Once you’ve tried fresh roasted coffee, you will never go back to store bought again,” explained U-Roast-Em co-owner Jane Russo.

Russo and her husband bought the business after being customers for several years.

“It wasn’t a planned thing, but this is what we’re doing. So we’ve owned the business for almost two years now,” she explained.

They moved the company from Hayward to the old Mosinee Paper Company office building in Solon Springs.

“The beauty of this business is it doesn’t have to be in the cities,” said Russo. “It can be anywhere. It can be out in the boonies in Northwest Wisconsin.”

Barrels packed with beans grown in Costa Rica, Africa, Indonesia and other spots fill rooms in the U-Roast-Em building.

“The good thing about green coffee beans is they can really last up to a year without anything happening to them, without changing the quality,” said Russo.

The business ships about ten mail orders every day all across the continental U.S. and Canada.

“I just had a hundred fifty pound bag of Costa Rican that was gone in three days,” she said.

Recently the company launched its own coffee roasting business, named after the geography of the Solon Springs area.

“It’s the headwaters of the St. Croix River and the Brule River and so we decided to name our roasted coffee Headwaters Roasting, and we tried to name our blends after the different headwaters of some of the rivers up here,” explained Russo.

Other local businesses like the Little Gift House coffee shop have ordered their own custom blends from Headwaters Roasting.

“There is a need for good coffee, especially in small places where maybe you can’t get your hands on a good cup of coffee as easily as you can in the cities,” said Russo.

For the owners, U-Roast-Em is the perfect way to celebrate their love of coffee and the connections that go along with it.

“It’s just a way of bringing people together,” said Russo. “It’s just a very important part of our family. We’re both from Italian families and there was coffee being drunk morning until night.”

To order from U-Roast-Em, just give them a call at (715) 378-2448 or send an email to

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