Duluth Lakewalk Helps Keep Social Distancing

DULUTH, Minn.– The warm weather couldn’t have come at a better time.

Coronavirus may be changing our normal routine but it isn’t keeping people from enjoying the trails around Duluth.

“It’s a beautiful day. Don’t get very many days like this,” said Tyler Wieber, who was walking along the Lakewalk.

Concerns over Coronavirus have shut down theaters, bars and restaurants. People are also spending more time at home.

All this time indoors is leading many to go outside and use trails like the Lakewalk. The city of Duluth has been helping people practice social distancing when they’re on the trails.

The recommended six feet for social distancing is written in chalk on the Lakewalk trails. A great reminder for Wieber, who likes to walk with his dog.

“You see it and it kind of gives you a little bit of ‘Ok, 6 feet apart. That’s how much you want to stay.’ You see people when they’re passing. They’re trying to stay 6 feet apart,” said Wieber.

Duluthians Judah and Kristina Harju have been using this time to get out of the house. As they were throwing a Frisbee, the two were surprised at how many people are getting outside.

“We’ve been out a little bit everyday. I think today is probably the peak of people I’ve seen in the last week or two,” said Judah Harju. “More and more people are starting to see the need to get outdoors.”

City workers have also moved around and added extra walking trails all over Duluth. The goal is to cut down on unsafe crowding when people use the trails.

At a time when Coronavirus has thrown almost everything out of whack. The down time and the warm weather are giving people a reason to relax and enjoy the Lakewalk.

“It means a lot. It’s Minnesota weather. I love this time of year,” said Wieber. “The sun, it’s just that little brisk wind still a little bit. Just being able to come down here and have this luxury. It really is a luxury. Not very many people get to experience this.”

For more information and tips on how to staying healthy and social distancing during the Coronavirus pandemic, check out the CDC’s website.

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