Grandma’s Marathon Cancellation Causes Major Impacts Runners & Community

A potential spike in the number of Covid-19 cases is being predicted for this spring by medical experts.


DULUTH, Minn – One of Duluth’s largest events has now been canceled as Covid-19 continues to be a huge concern around the world.

Grandma’s Marathon, which was scheduled for June, will no longer happen this year.

This is the first time grandma’s marathon has had to be canceled out of the 44 years the race has existed.

Every year Grandmas Marathon brings in thousands of runners from all over the world into Duluth.

With Covid-19 still impacting the entire nation, those looking forward to participating in this year’s race will now have to wait until 2021.

“I am not totally surprised, but I am disappointed. I and countless other runners have been training for months for this race, said Jarrow Wahman, runner and co-owner of Austin-Jarrow Sports.

The decision to cancel comes about three months away from the scheduled race day.

Recent predictions from medical experts show there could be a spike in the number of Covid-19 cases around the region, this spring.

The Executive Director for the race says the decision only made sense to ensure the health of both runners and the community after strong recommendations from the medical director for Grandma’s Marathon.

“It’s not easy for us. We live to put on this event. This is our lives,” said Shane Bauer. “This year with the coronavirus it obviously not a good recipe for grandma’s marathon.”

The cancellation could also have major economic impacts on the Twin Ports.

A recent study shows Grandma’s Marathon brings in more than $20 million in economic impact every year.

Even though the event may not be happening this year organizers are already planning for next year.

They are hoping this downtime will give them a chance to focus on improvements to come back bigger and stronger next year.

Runners will be given a 20% discount for entry to the 2021 race.

In the meantime, to fill the void of this year, runners can take part in Grandma’s Marathon’s virtual race.

The last day to register is May 1st.

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