Amid Decline in Business, PacKare Duluth Continues to Bring Pets Daily Joy

PacKare Duluth Experiences a More Than 50 Percent Decline in Business During COVID-19 Pandemic

DULUTH, Minn. – One thing you’re still allowed to do under a ‘Stay at Home’ order is get outside and enjoy the great outdoors with social distancing in mind.

Many animals in the Northland are getting more walks than normal during this difficult time.

One local pet care business is considered essential to stay open, but the owner is seeing a decrease in need from pet owners as more residents are stuck working from home.

“Business is a little bit slower,” said Alicia Skjoelsvold, owner of PacKare Duluth.

Skjoelsvold is eight years into owning her own small business and has never experienced as strange of times as we are now.

“Luckily we’re still able to do that and get out, and be in nature. We’re considered essential so I am thankful for that,” said Skjoelsvold.

She’s seeing a big impact to her daily pet care routine due to COVID-19.

“The lakewalk is busier than normal too,” said Skjoelsvold.

She’s doing all she can to keep her handful of dedicated employees working hard during difficult times.

“We’re trying to all share our workload equally so everyone’s doing something,” Skjoelsvold.

Skjoelsvold and her team typically take care of pets when their owners are away, on vacation, or during a long day at the office. But her business model is changing as concerns over the virus rise.

“Especially if people are worried they might have to go into the hospital, we’re here to help,” said Skjoelsvold.

Many of her clients are choosing to keep their pets’ daily routine as normal as possible.

“There are some pets we will see daily or a couple times a week so we’re still able to come out and see them. Because things are so different for people and their pets,

I think it’s helpful for the animal to still know that their friend is coming over at a certain time to take them out for a while,” said Skjoelsvold.

The local business owner is seeing a more than 50 percent loss in clientele as more pet owners are working from home.

Also, many planned vacations have had to be canceled.

“We’re being super mindful about any sort of germs, bugs, hand sanitizing, and even in my own life keeping that distance,” said Skjoelsvold.

Skjoelsvold said they are taking extra precautions when working with pets and owners, asking other walkers to not pet the animals to help limit exposure to COVID-19.

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