Virtual Medical Appointments Spike Amid Pandemic

Both St. Luke's Hospital and Essentia Health offer this type of virtual service.s

DULUTH, Minn – Virtual medical appointments are now on the rise as more healthcare facilities are encouraging patients to use the new type of service.

St. Luke’s telehealth offers patients a virtual exam room experience.

Patients can have a video conference with their doctor to talk about their medical issues.

Typical telehealth appointments can be used for annual wellness or screenings for underlying conditions.

Doctors can also prescribe medicine for those issues and electronically send it to the nearest pharmacy.

During this pandemic, health professionals say telehealth is the best way to prevent any further spread of the virus.

“We are trying to lessen the risk especially for our elderly patients and those with chronic health conditions,” said Family Physician Tim LaMaster. “If they have a health problem this is a very easy way for them to access their healthcare and its helpful.

Telehealth can be best accessed if you have a computer or iPad with a camera.

St. Luke’s patients can call their primary doctor’s office to set up an appointment.

Essentia Health in duluth also offers similar services.

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