A Covid-19 Surge Predicted For The Spring In The Northland

Medical experts say a peak could be reached by summer.


DULUTH, Minn – Covid-19 is continuing to impact millions around the world.

Medical professionals are now saying there could be a spike in the number of cases in Minnesota.

Many health models on Covid-19 predicts a surge to start in Minnesota between late April and early May.

There are multiple prediction models explaining Covid-19’s curve.

Medical experts believe not only will there be a surge at some point this spring, the virus will likely reach its peak this summer in the Northland.

Essentia Health’s President says there is much uncertainty around Covid-19 and these models are just really a best guess.

“Everyone needs to understand models change all the time. It depends on the inputs you have like the doubling time of the virus and how well we are doing isolation,” said Dr. Jon Pryor. “As we change our behaviors the models change as well.”

Both Essentia and St. Luke’s are already preparing detailed plans for that potential surge.

Essentia staff members are being retrained and reassigned to help maximize resources to respond the best possible way to a jump in Covid-19 cases.

Both hospitals are also looking into increasing the number of intensive care unit beds.

“Our surge planning includes doubling or tripling then exceeding that capacity, from an intensive care unit standpoint,” said St. Luke’s Medical Director Nicholas Van Deelen.

Logistics of how that will pan out are still in the works.

St. Luke’s is also in the process of vetting community sites such as the College of St. Scholastica to be used to care for patients infected with the virus, who cannot return home.

Local health professionals are still recommending everyone to follow the Governor’s mandate to stay home.

Also continue practicing good hygiene like washing your hands.

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