Coronavirus Impacts RV Businesses

It isn't all bad for RV sales.

HERMANTOWN, Minn. – It isn’t all bad news for RV sales. There have been some cases where medical personnel and others are purchasing RVs in efforts to self-isolate.

Not only do RVs provide a sense of distance from other campers, they also provide a sense of containment.

RV companies like Bullyan RV are now turning to more digital methods to show campers to customers.

“We’re seeing a little downturn in business,” said Joe Bullyan, vice president of Bullyan RV. “The people are asked to stay home but we’re doing our part to do more virtual tours of campers, photos doing FaceTime, walk-throughs or digital in that aspect so customers can still come out and look at campers.”

Bullyan RV has also reduced staff to accommodate the impact of the virus. Two-thirds of them are home on paid leave.

There is also extra cleaning that is occurring in high touch areas, but hope remains high for more people to think about camping as the weather warms up.

“We see it one summer when people want to get outside who have been all cooped up in the winter,” said Bullyan. “Camping, RV-ing is a way to maintain your distancing, going your own, exploring the great Northland.”

The busy season for RV stores tends to be the end part of April to the beginning weeks of May, so by staying active with virtual sales, the goal is to attract even more customers as temperatures keep rising.

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