How to Celebrate a Birthday While in Quarantine

What happens to your birthday party when you're quarantined?

DULUTH, Minn. – It was in her room in Duluth where Yana Stockman decided to record herself celebrating a unique birthday.

“Celebrating birthday when you are under a stay at home order could determine a lot of elements and parts of celebration,” said Stockman. “But hey, at least it’s history.”

Yana had planned to take a trip to the Netherlands to celebrate her birthday surrounded by loved ones. Then the coronavirus pandemic came and she was stuck at home, but she got her creative juices running and made a short video of her celebrating her special day in Duluth.

“It definitely felt slightly different because I used to celebrate my birthday surrounded with my friends and family, and I still felt like it was a special day,” said Stockman.

If you have a friend who has a birthday during quarantine, Yana recommends giving a thoughtful gift or a card in celebration even during an uncertain period of time. She hopes to celebrate her birthday next year in good health surrounded by close friends and family.

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