Independent Contractors Worried About Future As Pandemic Continues

DULUTH, Minn – The impacts of Covid-19 are beginning to trickle down to businesses, which are still open for essential services.

Many local contractors are seeing declines in business and they are fearing what may happen in the future.

Independent contractors rely on business from home owners.

As the pandemic is creating hardship for their customers, contractors are becoming concerned.

Roofing and construction businesses are still being considered essential during this pandemic.

But as more people are losing their jobs, they are no longer able to afford expensive home projects like roof repairs.

As Covid-19 continues to cause a domino effect, many contractors are worried how they are going to keep their business alive.

Most of all they worry how they will be able to provide a stable income for employees.

“I feel a definite responsibility. I’m the one who writes their checks every friday,” said owner of Quality Construction and Roofing. “If they don’t have that income and to have people home wondering how they are going to pay their next months rent, definitely weighs on me every night.”

For now, other roofing and construction businesses are still holding on strong.

But they are beginning to see some of the impacts of Covid-19.

“The one thing that is pretty unfortunate about all this is the Arrowhead Home and Builders show is canceled. Its a place we get a lot of business from,” said Denon Perrin, co-owner of Perrin’s Roofing

Cancellations for home improvement projects are on the rise.

Quality Construction has had three projects canceled with in the last month.

Fortunately for Perrin’s, much of their business is being postponed until after this global pandemic.

Both businesses are keeping a bit of understanding in mind for homeowners dealing financial impacts from the pandemic.

Quality construction is working with customers to offer inhouse financing and Perrin’s roofing is offering a five percent discount until may.

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