St. Luke’s Opens Respiratory Clinic

HERMANTOWN, Minn.– Coronavirus is taking the time and attention of healthcare facilities everywhere but what about people who are dealing with other respiratory illnesses? Now, St. Luke’s has opened a new respiratory clinic in Duluth.

With everyone caught up in the Coronavirus pandemic, other health issues can feel like they are pushed to the side. Now St. Luke’s is offering a place for people to go.

On Wednesday, St. Luke’s turned their Miller Creek Clinic in Hermantown into a respiratory clinic.

The goal is to have a centralized location for all of their patients who are experiencing respiratory symptoms. That way patients can avoid going to other clinics where they could be exposed to other illnesses. This also helps St. Luke’s manage their supplies like masks and gowns by having them in all in one spot.

“This is a place for patients with respiratory symptoms who maybe are afraid to even venture out of their house,” said Dr. Matt Hansmeier, a physician at St. Luke’s. “What used to be a safe place, clinics, are dropping in volume because my fear is people are so afraid to even go out for things that maybe do need to be checked out.”

While there is Coronavirus testing available for those who meet the requirements, the clinic isn’t just for people who think they have the virus. It’s for anyone experiencing respiratory symptoms like a sore throat or a cough.

Patients who come to use the clinic are told to wait in their car instead of coming into the waiting room. Someone from the clinic will come out to the car and bring the patient inside.

The clinic is open 7 days a week from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and St. Luke’s says no appointment is necessary.

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