The Road to the Pros Begins for UMD’s Brandon Myer

The Superior native figures he'll have to start his career somewhere overseas.

DULUTH, Minn. – After a stellar career at UMD, Brandon Myer now has his eyes on playing professionally. But with everyone in quarantine, it’s making things a little tougher for the Superior native.

“The most negative way its impacted me specifically would be the gyms that aren’t open anymore. I guess I hoop out in the driveway. But that’s not going to get it done the way I would hope so,” Myer said.

Myer says a big part of moving on to the next level is the need to get bigger and stronger.

“I kind of joke around and say that this is kind of good timing because that way it forces me to stay in and kind of gain weight in a way,” said Myer.

The dream of playing pro started becoming a reality for Myer when he started working out with former Northland players Mike Carlson and Cory Johnson, who both play overseas.

“The way that I saw them go about how they trained, that’s when it became something that I could see myself doing,” Myer said.

Myer says his ultimate goal is playing in the NBA, but understands he might have to start off playing in another country. And that’s going to be tough to navigate now during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Everything’s at a stand still so we’ll have to see if the seasons start on time and if every league is still going to be up and going. That’s kind of what the agents have been saying too. There’s not a whole lot they can for sure tell me,” said Myer.

For now, the former UMD star will continue to stay positive, even if he’s stuck at home for the time being.

“I think that this is what makes us realize how much we love the game. Obviously it stinks not to be able to get shots up and train, but I think that this whole experience is going to make me hit it harder,” Myer said.

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