Nemadji Golf Course Prepares for Spring Season

Golf courses in Wisconsin and Minnesota are currently not allowed to open, but multiple organizations are pushing to allow courses to open during the coronavirus.

SUPERIOR, Wis. – The first full week of April usually means the Masters Tournament and the start of golf season. But just like the tournament, the start of golf season in the Northland is postponed.

“The Masters being one of the best golf tournaments out there. People look forward to that, people look forward to beginning their golf season in and around that event,” Nemadji Golf Course general manager Tom Beaudry said.

Normally during this time, golf course employees all over the region are dealing with clearing out snow and maintaining the greens and fairways.

“If we get a couple of days in the 50s, I’d say we could be snow free and all of the areas maintainable within about a week and playable in about 10 days,” Beaudry said.

But because of the coronavirus pandemic, Wisconsin is now under a “Safer at Home” mandate, which closes all non-essential businesses, including golf courses, until at least April 24.

“The mandate from the governor puts us in a position that nobody’s ever experienced. We’re kind of paying attention to what we’re able to do, what we’re not supposed to do,” Beaudry added.

So far, Minnesota golf courses are not allowed to open either. Multiple organizations including the National Golf Course Owners Association, the PGA of America, and the Wisconsin Golf Association are pushing to allow golf courses to reopen, to help not only the courses but to get more people outside as well.

“Mental wellness is huge and just being outside, enjoying the open spaces and the beauty of the golf course puts people in a positive, mental attitude and I think we need a lot more of that in today’s world,” Beaudry said.

But for now, courses like Nemadji are stuck with simply doing what’s possible to prepare for an eventual opening, whenever that might be.

“We’ve got a couple different scenarios that we can play out, a couple different contingency plans that we can play out. It’s all dependent on what the governor says we can do. It’s day by day. You’ve got to run through multiple contingency plans to be ready for whatever scenario you can predict, but to predict anything at this point is really challenging,” Beaudry said.

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