The Downtown Clean And Safe Team Sanitizes Some Of The Most Touched Areas

DULUTH, Minn – The Downtown Clean and Safe Team is taking the necessary steps to make sure the Duluth community is kept safe during this pandemic.

The Clean and Safe Team is working with only about two thirds of its normal crew, but those still on duty are taking what their name implies very seriously.

The crew normally spend most of their work day making sure downtown stays beautified.

These days they are taking time out to do some special disinfecting.

Several times throughout the day the team in their bright yellow uniforms walks along Superior Street wiping down crosswalk buttons, parking pay stations, and mailboxes.

The team’s Operations Manager says during the uncertainty of the pandemic, he believes the crew’s effort to keep the community safe may be comforting.

“I also think seeing us out still working making sure we are disinfecting for people who have to be out or choose to be out for whatever purpose is reassuring,” said Scott Jenkins. “I also think that is reassuring that there’s still someone looking out for them.”

The majority of the team has been furloughed, but that hasn’t stopped those who are still a part of the crew from doing their job to keep downtown clean and the community safe.

The Clean and Safe team plans to do community disinfecting more frequently even after the pandemic has ended.

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