WI Voters Still Show Up To The Polls

SUPERIOR, Wis. – Wisconsin voters are taking their civic duty seriously even as Covid-19 poses a threat to public health

This week, to protect the health of residents Governor Tony Evers attempted to have the Wisconsin presidential primary moved to June.

That was shut down by a last-minute supreme court decision, which kept the elections from moving.

This meant voters would still have to make their way to the polls on election day even as the pandemic continues.

“I think that it’s important to vote and just as long as you keep your social distancing,” said Virginia Lord.

Gor many voters the action of physically submitting their ballot seemed like the right thing to do.

“I have never missed voting my whole life. I come for the biggest smallest whatever there is, ” said Patty D’Abato. “I felt like I needed to come here. I didn’t want to do absentee. I have never done it.

At one polling location in superior, over one hundred people voted by mid morning.

“It’s been fairly constant with people and steady. It’s good to see people coming out still,” said Voting inspector Joan Finkler.

But the threat of Covid-19 could still have its impacts on how many people actually show up to the polls.

“I think they are going to be low for sure because of all that’s going on out there,” said D’Abato. “Everybody is afraid.”

Fortunately, Superior polling locations took the necessary precautions. Plastic shields are promoting social distancing.

Workers and voters are being asked to wear masks.

Also, each polling window was sanitized after every use.

The ultimate goal is to make all voters feel safe enough to vote.

Although Governor Evers remains concerned about the in-person voting, in a statement, he expressed his gratitude for the overwhelming bravery of folks still wanting to go out and vote.

Total results for the elections are not expected to be determined until April 13th, which is the last day postmarked absentee ballots can be received.

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