Duluth Fire Marshall Investigating Three Separate Fires, Arson Suspected

DULUTH, Minn. – Fire crews in Duluth were busy Tuesday night responding to three fires- all of which could be linked to arson.

Crews responded to a structure fire of a vacant two-story home at 213 Mesaba avenue.

There was no one inside the structure. The damage is estimated at $25,000.

While firefighters were working to contain the Mesaba Avenue fire, a second fire broke out at the Memorial Park Apartments on North Central Ave.

The fire had been set on the lower level and burned into the roof of the structure.

Firefighters were able to quickly extinguish the fire. Damage is estimated at $2,500.

One hour later, a third fire broke out this time at 11 South 16th Ave East.

At the scene, crews worked to contain the fire of a two-story duplex. Damage is estimated at $10,000. No one was inside at the time at the fire.

No injuries to firefighters were reported during all three fires.

The fires are currently being investigated by the Duluth Fire Marshal’s office.

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