Gov. Walz Issues Executive Order to Help First Responders

The Order Provides COVID-19 Information from Minnesota Department of Health to First Responders

DULUTH, Minn. – Local first responders continue to risk not only their own but the lives of family and loved ones as we continue to live in this new era surrounding COVID-19.

Congressman Pete Stauber (R-MN) is now making sure they can continue to work safely with peace of mind.

Area police, fire, and various other first responders have been suiting up in personal protective equipment (PPE) for every call, treating residents as if they have COVID-19 without knowing.

This is causing a huge strain on the supply of PPE across Minnesota.

Stauber then called on Governor Tim Walz to issue an executive order asking the Minnesota Department of Health to release vital information of those who test positive for COVID-19 to area 911 dispatchers. Walz signed that order earlier this afternoon.

Stauber and many other local leaders believe this would better help prepare responders on various calls.

“Once we get through this we will be talking about the supply chain. We should never have to be in this situation again. We’re going to learn from it and look back and say what did we do well and what do we need to do better,” said Stauber.

Multiple first responders have told Stauber they would quickly run out of PPE if the Governor didn’t pass the order.

HIPPA laws will be taken into account, with personal information only being given to dispatchers and first responders in need.

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