Duluth Police, Fire Hold Surprise Easter Parade in Harbor Highlands

Kids ran out to wave as the firetrucks and police cars drove past.

DULUTH, Minn.- The sounds of sirens, some very excited kids, filled the Harbor Highlands neighborhood Sunday. Members of the Duluth Police and Fire Departments pulled together a surprise Easter Parade for everyone there.

“Break up the monotony for all the ids up here, probably have had their routines with what they’re used to doing: playing with their friends, going to school, going to church, wherever that is,” said Lt. Robin Roeser of the DPD.

Officials said they were happy to give the kids an Easter to remember, in a time when events and gatherings have to be cancelled.

“People aren’t able to gather with their families and if we can come out and just kind of bring a smile to some kids’ faces throughout the day, I think that’s a good thing,” Duluth Fire Capt. Brian Black said.

And the kids were sure smiling as they ran to greet the sirens–once they were sure it wasn’t an emergency.

“It was really, really fun because they thought it was something going on from the window, until we realized it was just a parade,” one girl said.

“The firefighters came up right over there, they came up this hill, and then we went like this and they honked the horn,” said another. “It was just really cool, guys.”

Police and Fire Departments and the City of Duluth worked with a parent from the Harbor Highlands neighborhood to help make the parade happen.

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