KQDS-TV Rescan Message – FCC Spectrum Repack

The FCC has assigned KQDS-TV to a new broadcast frequency. Here's what you need to know...


The Federal Communications Commission has assigned KQDS-TV (FOX 21.1 & 21.2) to a new broadcast frequency as part of the Spectrum Repack.  Click HERE to learn more about the Spectrum Repack.

This change requires KQDS-TV to replace its primary transmitter and broadcast antenna to accommodate the new frequency.  In order to replace those, KQDS will need to operate on a temporary transmitter while the existing primary transmitter is removed and replaced during the construction period.

The temporary transmitter does not have the capability to reach our full viewing audience so our signal reach will be limited while the replacement transmitter and antenna are installed. KQDS-TV plans to keep this at a minimum time frame and operate at limited power for a brief period.  Once KQDS-TV has firm dates as to when this will happen we will post them on this page.  Please check this article periodically for updates.

Regarding the re-scan messages currently showing on our channel, because KQDS-TV is moving to a new frequency, viewers will need to re-scan their TV sets to find the new channel.  KQDS-TV is currently testing the temporary transmitter system on the new channel so if your re-scan is successful you will begin seeing (2) 21.1 & 21.2 channels in your lineup. Those will remain in your lineup until the existing primary transmitter is deactivated.  Once the existing transmitter goes offline you will only see one set of KQDS channels in your lineup.

Currently, if you do not see 2 sets of FOX channels in your lineup after the re-scan is complete, you are not receiving the new channel from the temporary transmitter and fall into an area where our signal reach is limited.

Once construction is completed on the primary transmitter, KQDS-TV will be back to full signal strength and viewers who were not able to receive the temporary transmitter will be able to re-scan and receive KQDS FOX 21 channels, 21.1 & 21.2.  Again, we are currently waiting on specific dates and will post them on this page once we have them.

Note that if you are tuning in to one of our translator sites you will not be affected by these changes. Translators are located in Grand Rapids, MN, Hibbing, MN, Virginia, MN, International Falls, MN, Ashland, WI, Hayward, WI & Ironwood, MI.

Please visit this page regularly as we will be providing updates to this article as additional information becomes available.


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