A Local Junk Hauling Company Gives Back To Community

Over the next two weeks, Twin Ports Trailer Trash will be also collecting donations for CASDA and RAD.

Twin Ports Trailer Trash is known for doing exactly what its name implies, hauling away junk and trash.

But like other small businesses in the area, the junk hauling company is being impacted by Covid-19.

Spring is typically a busy time for Twin Ports Trailer Trash, but the pandemic has caused a change of pace.

The company is now using its downtime to give back to the community.

The owner came up with the idea to purchase gift cards from local restaurants to help them during this rough time.

Those gift cards are being used as an incentive to get people to donate items needed at local non-profits.

“I am committed to keeping my people working. If we don’t have jobs we will find a way to help out in the community,” said Owner Bernard McCarthy.

“I think many small businesses, who have a slow period of time,  should dig deep into their heart and figure out how they can give back to the community. I think you will feel really rewarded,” he said.

The Star of the North Maternity Home is the first non-profit Twin Ports Trailer Trash is helping.

The maternity home supports homeless pregnant women and their children, by sheltering them and providing services to help them get back on their feet.

The Star of the North is currently supporting two women who are expecting babies in the next couple of weeks.

As a result, the Star of the North needed all the essentials for a newborn baby.

One of those expectant moms, who chose not to show her face on camera, says she is beyond grateful for the community for helping out.

“It fills my heart so much to know that people really care,” she said.

The expectant mom says, “Being in my situation I don’t have a lot of support from people, so for strangers to take the time, their money and use resources to share with me, really mean a lot.

In the first couple of days, Twin Ports Trailer Trash was able to complete ten donation pickups from around the community.

Twin Ports Trailer Trash will be collect donations over the next two weeks for Recovery Alliance Duluth, which offers peer to peer recovery support as well as the Center Against Sexual and Domestic Abuse in Superior.

Anyone interested in donating can reach out to Twin Ports Trailer Trash by calling 218-206-7225 or contacting the company on its Facebook page to arrange a pickup time.

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